Arnica magic

Because I’m a runner, I follow a lot of running weblogs. Silly Girl Running is one of these. She’s also a bit crazy (in the good sense of the word) by running for example two marathons in two weeks or running 78 km (49 mi) in the mountains of Swiss this summer.  In one post she showed the things she always carries with her and one of these is  arnica-gel. This triggered me to do some googling and research and finally I found and bought also a tube of the french brand Mercurochrome.

Yesterday I my hamstrings hurted, so I did a little massage with the gel. I applied it also today before work and the pain disappeared! (of course I didn’t do a double-blind test but it’s worth the try to see if it helps for you)

It doesn’t smell or seem to leave traces and most important it doesn’t make your hands fatty like massage oil does. And it works great for tired muscles and little pains (*) like we waiters often have after walking more than 6 km (4mi) a day at work!

I want to try other brands (there are a lot at Amazon or the french site Ciao) like Weleda (I think the most ‘natural’), Boiron or VSM (Dutch) but already after two days I recommend this kind of gel to my collegue waiters!

Any tips for brands or other gels to cure little pains? Don’t hesitate to share them!

(*) It’s important to listen to your body! When having a lot of pain or recurring problems go to see a doctor!

This post is not endorsed by any of the sites and/or brands mentioned.

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