The alter ego CrazyWaiter

In the DVD I am.. worldtour the famous singer Beyoncé wonders who is Sasha Fierce, her alter ego. Without wanting to compare myself with this wonderful lady this fragment brought it me the question of:”Who is the CrazyWaiter“.

Although CrazyWaiter is part of the author (and not really an opposite) the exercise does give an answer about how I see myself (in my work), the people around me (guests, collegues) and the world. And it also deals with how I want to be and the direction I want to go (or not). Of course there are moments in which I don’t completely fill this description. I am also human and have good days and bad days.

Nevertheless I commit myself 100% to this text which can also be seen as a mission statement of (ethical) charter and reflects also my passion and vision on servicequality and my values I have in work and personal life.

  • CrazyWaiter sees himself and wants to be seen as a professional.


  • His mission is to delight his guests and creating fantastic memories by giving a perfect service to fit expectations, wishes and situation of his guests with the primary process as perfect as possible – given the limits set by the company.
  • He wants to add value and inspiration to the life of those around him to multiply all the good things and vibes in life!


  • The guest is the central point of his professional life. CrazyWaiter acts as much as possible to favour of the guest. All guests are equal. As long as they treat the waiters and other people in the restaurant with respect and pay the bill every single guest will receive the best service possible.
  • CrazyWaiter defines Service Quality as delivering the best service possible
    adapted to the guest’s expectations, wishes and the situation, with even more attention to special situations and exceptions, all within the limits the company gives.
  • CrazyWaiter is energetic, friendly and charismatic. He has a positive attitude and likes his job. He dances, sings and makes jokes. He uses several drama- and improvisation techniques to amuse his guests.
  • CrazyWaiter knows that he has a lot of qualities and strengths, but is also aware of all his faults and tries to adapt to lessen his weaknesses. He takes responsibility for every error and stupid thing he does. He shares his successes with those around him. Complaints are taken seriously and used as input for improvement.
  • Development is an ongoing process. It’s all about becoming a better person, knowing how to do things well and learning more. He wants to be within the best 10-20% of his peer group. He keeps studying on how he can improve these three things and tries to widen his knowledge about products and servicequality. For that he follows the latest scientific insights and hospitality- and serviceblogs and tries to apply this knowledge in his work. He loves to share his knowledge and ideas with others to inspire and educate them. He speaks as many languages as possible.
  • CrazyWaiter knows that he and his colleagues can only operate well in a work environment that is safe and healthy. He sets a good example and is keen about things which can be improved in this field. Of course he has knowledge of Basic Life Support
  • CrazyWaiter is very keen on honesty and integrity (the things you do when nobody is looking).  He doesn’t steal (in the widest sense of the word) from guests, the company he works for or his colleagues. Food, drinks and goods (possibly) destined for guests  are not to be consumed or used. Confidentiality is something normal, never he names, tweets or talks (negatively) about his (famous) guests.
  • CrazyWaiter knows he’s not alone in the world which he passes on to his (future) children. So he does as much as charity as possible and acts in the most sustainable way possible.
  • CrazyWaiter never hints for tips. He never does something more (or less) with an eye to potential tips. (FYI In France the service is included, the fixed salary is something above social minimum and tips are extra income but not necessary to survive)

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