This page was made by a CrazyWaiter who has works in a theme park near Paris. Yes, the one with the mouse with big ears 😀

In Paris I learned that you’re part of the scene. You are expected to do more than just bring the drinks and take away the dirty plates. There are several training courses available to make people more aware of this.

We want to inform you, teach you and entertain you! On this page you’ll find inspiration, improvisationtechniques, fragments, information, anecdotes, useful backgroundinformations etc. etc. for all those who want to become a CrazyWaiter or are restaurantfanatics and other interested people.

For my personal mission and vision, see the page about my alter-ego.

Objectives and conditions

This site (read: the author) wants to explore and share the techniques of being a waiter where guests feel at ease and are happy. Of course by use of his restauranttechniques (stages 1 and 2) but above all through thie like of improvisation and simular stuff.  And always respecting of the clients’ expectations, wishes and the situation. There are also a lot of people who don’t want to have a clown at their table. (and are already happy if you fulfil stage 2 well). Nothing wrong with it. But we’ll go that extra mile for those who appreciate it!


CrazyWaiter by Clement

  • Use of the techniques given on this page is at your own risk. No responsible will be taken for plaints, body harm, injuries or zero-tips.
  • This is a personal page, it doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of my employer in any way. Guests and situations described here can also be (semi)fictive, (partly) changed or served by other persons than me or my colleagues.
  • Where is written ‘he/his’, please read ‘he/she/it//his/her/its’.
  • English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive all errors in Dunglish.
  • Copyright of the written text (unless quoted) by CrazyWaiter, copyright of fragments, pictures and photos by their respective owners. If you as copyrightowner wants something to be deleted, just contact me. Pictures might be hosted by CrazyWaiter for practical or technical reasons. All photos are made by the CrazyWaiter or bought at istockphoto.com (unless stated)

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