30+ Reasons to date a waiter


Every girl likes firemen and rich managers. But smart girls date a waiter ofcourse 🙂

  1. We are highly passionated about food. Isn’t that the first need in life?
  2. We know everything about wine. And if you don’t like wine, what about a cocktail? We have an extensive knowledge about all the other drinks a bar offers
  3. We have a positive attitude in life. Otherwise we don’t survive
  4. We always smile!
  5. We have a great condition and endurance because we walk more then 5 kilometers a day!
  6. Our communication skills are best in class because there’s nothing else we do.
  7. We have always great stories… “Once I had a guest…”
  8. We are very, very kind. That’s the way we earn money.
  9. We have humour and we are smiley. At least most of the times.
  10. We can deal with everybody from poor to rich.
  11. We are hard workers and have an iron mentality.
  12. We earn a lot of money because we make a lot of tips.
  13. We are princes who know how to treat a princess
  14. Life is never boring with us
  15. We know a lot. In any case a bit of everything
  16. We can read people and feel in an instance how to deal with somebody
  17. We respect everybody because we know the importance of being respected
  18. We know how to organise a party or diner. Most likely we’ll help you or your friend while throwing a party
  19. We can connect people.
  20. We are born problemsolvers. Lifeproblems, work problems, logistic problems… say it and we solve it!
  21. We have a lot of patience
  22. Work hard, play hard. We know how to enjoy life
  23. We have great listening skills because we (have to) listen all day to guests and collegues
  24. In the hospitality business people come and go, so we appreciate a stable factor in life a lot
  25. We are capable of handling stress and yes, we can multitask and know how to plan
  26. We know how to deal with children
  27. We pay a lot of attention to our grooming.
  28. We speak a lot of languages, so we can help you order food or find a taxi wherever in the world
  29. We have everywhere in the world (ex-)collegues we know, so traveling has never been that nice
  30. We don’t work at office hours, so if you need food, clothes or other stuff it is calm in the shops
  31. We are galant and we know the etiquette while dining with you and your parents
  32. We have a good taste for clothes (uniform? Who wants a uniform, we wear whether custom made suites whether nice casuals)
  33. We can read a restaurant or bar with a single glance, so you will always going out in the right places
  34. We believe in karma so we give a lot! We are givers by nature!
  35. We are used to take care of people and especially of those who are really important!

So ladies, where are you waiting for ?

(Because I’m a man who likes ladies, I wrote from that perspective. But every combination (M/F, F/M, F/F or M/M is possibile of course!) (Partly inspired by firemenlists etc and this page) (Photo : CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Peter Drier)


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