25+ reasons to work in a restaurant or hotel

It’s not the easiest job in the world, but it’s the best job!

  • You have weekend when others work
  • All the shops are open if you’re off, it’s calm when you do (fun)shopping and you won’t ask yourself on Sundays how to spend your day
  • You’re not depressive at Sunday evening
  • You know the tricks so you won’t be tricked in the hotels/restaurants
  • You have advantages in all the hotels and/or restaurants of the group/chain you’re working for
  • You will be welcomed as a VIP in all the restaurants/hotels once they know your job
  • You can have a good position and a very good salary in little time without studying long time
  • Yes, you spend Christmas and New Years day at work, but at least you spend it with happy people
  • You meet fabulous people everywhere you work and the working atmosphere is like nowhere else in the world
  • You learn new things every day, thanks to the different clients with different nationalities, jobs etc.
  • You spend your time in a great place and not locked in an open office
  • You’re holidays are exact at the right moment to go to Maladives, en Thaïland or to Mexico for the best price
  • When you’re going to Disneyland, you’ll never wait for attractions 🙂
  • You know how to choose the best products at the market
  • There’s work for you any time, any place
  • You know how to invite people at your home, set up a table, cook, decorate and even the smallest rendez vous with friends ends with a buffet or extensive meal
  • You’re small talking regularly with celebrities other know only from gossip magazines. You’re even relaxed while talking to them. Georges Clooney? Not even impressed!
  • You’re fed and housed, and you work that hard thus you won’t have time to spend your salary
  • Tips are liquid money so not subject to taxes
  • Wherever you go in the world, there’ll always be an ex-collegue who will host you and will show you the city and the best places
  • Your boss has become a friend who offers chocolate, christmas- and birthdaypresents
  • You’re eating foie gras and drinking the (rests) of the best champagnes at parties (or after the parties) and are friends with the supplier so you buy these at the best prices when giving a party yourself
  • When you work in the afternoon, you never have to set-up an alarm-clock
  • Whether with or without a fixed partner: your love-life is never ever boring
  • No need for expensive Assimil courses: you’re learning languages free thanks to guests and colleagues.
  • You never have to buy silverware or plates because you’ll get the old ones when the restaurants has a make-over
  • Ok, you make a lot of hours, but the fantastic smile of your guests at the end of their meal or stay makes you realize why you’re there!

(Translated and adapted from the facebookgroup ‘25 bonnes raisons de choisir l’hôtellerie-restauration !‘)

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