Frank Sinatra – “My Way”

Tomorrow will be the last day as waiter.. at least for the moment. In two weeks I’ll go back to Rome, Italy for almost six months to work in an infopoint of Camping Fabulous, followed by a yoga teacher training at Samyak Yoga in India and traveling in Thailand and Indonesia. So no more tables, orders and guests anymore for this moment, but you know:”Once a waiter, always a waiter”.

And guess what will be the final song of CrazyWaiter – The Musical ??

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Crazy Chef

Take care when you ask for ketchup 😀

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The Waiter’s Weight

Research showed that a heavy waiter might be good for the business.

Does the weight of a server have an influence on how much food diners order in the high-involvement environment of a restaurant? If people are paying for a full meal, this has implications for consumers, restaurants, and public health. To investigate this, 497 interactions between diners and servers were observed in 60 different full-service restaurants. Diners ordered significantly more items when served by heavy wait staff with high body mass indexes compared with wait staff with low body mass indexes. Specifically, they were four times as likely to order desserts, and they ordered 17.65% more alcoholic drinks.

Luckily I work in a all-you-can-eat-buffet-restaurant, so with my BMI of around 18 I won’t be fired 🙂

See also the discussion about this study at Reddit

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Hooters waitress donates kidney to longtime customer

Sometimes I joke that I do everything for my guests, even giving away a kidney. Mariana Villarreal, a waitress at Hooters in Roswell isn’t joking but did it really and might be the waitress with the most compassion in the world. At least she earned illimited karmapoints for this good deed!

Read the whole story at Hooters waitress donates kidney to longtime customer.

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The waiter eats also!

Desperate students who are still looking for a thesis topic, do not worry. After working in dozens of different hospitality organizations I have an interesting topic for you. My hypothese is: ‘The quality of the staff food is has a postive correlation with the guest satisfaction` After all, good food -> satisfied staff -> staff delivers quality -> satisfied guests. Moreover, it says something about how the management sees the staff (simple infantry or valued resources) and how collegial the atmosphere is in the organization (after all, it’s almost always colleagues who cook for colleagues). And that is often very significant. I’m not sure which factor is the source and which one is the result, but hey, otherwise there was nothing to investigate anymore ….

So if you see me eating a Weight Care Chocolate Crisp, you know enough about the organization 😀

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