What is the superlative of CrazyWaiter??? WeirdWaiter ofcourse :) (tweets start at 2:35) (see it at Twitter)

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Pharrell Williams – Happy

A happy CrazyWaiter song :)

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Waiting Tables Becomes Career Path

Waiting Tables at Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, Alinea Becomes Career Path -

Very nice story about our Profession (yes, with a capital P)

"I'm not just listing off a series of ingredients," says Ms. Beach, 31, who moved to Chicago from Minneapolis in 2011 to pursue her food career. "I'm telling them a bit of a story."


When they are at the top of their game, servers help create a sense of enthusiasm. "As a guest, the more passion you feel for the people serving you the food, the more delicious the food," Mr. Guidara says.

read more at Waiting Tables at Eleven Madison Park, Per Se, Alinea Becomes Career Path.


14 Types of Waiters

Guilty as charged... We are the same everywhere :)



The secret of the CrazyWaiter

I made a presentation to show in a comprehensive way my secrets :)

"Why did the CrazyWaiter become as one of the employees who were cited most as 'outstanding'? A personal vision about Service and the quality of it by someone on the workfloor"


Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”)

I didn't know that there could be so much music in cups and the restaurant. This song is from the movie Pitch Perfect After the jump a tutorial and the original fragment!

EDIT: It is already a very old song and also the cup routine is very old! Read about it here !

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“How to manage the CrazyWaiter” – for dummies

I'm working already 20 years in the restaurant business and I think I can say I know how to do it. I'm very easy to manage, but even better if you keep the following things in mind! I guess it doesn't work only for me, but for most of you - so feel free to reuse it!

  1. First of all: never ever use the imperative. You absolutely don't have to beg but at least ask friendly :) because I'll do it anyway
  2. Say what I have to do and try to avoid explaining how to do it
  3. In 90% of the cases there is a reason when I do something in a different way as usual
  4. Try to collect as much tasks as possible and give them in one time. It is annoying if you keep giving a new task after I completed the former task. When given the complete to do-list I have (also) an overview and I can combine things and make priorities
  5. Don't stay immobile watching after giving orders. Help me, do something else or walk away
  6. Most of times I know what and how to do. If I don't do it immediately I'll see it a moment later or something else has a bigger priority to do
  7. Don't give feedback when the heat is on
  8. Give me the chance to work as independent as possible. Just let me do my thing.
  9. Don't worry, when I need help or don't know anything I won't be afraid to ask
  10. I'm not blind for the interests of other stakeholders but never ever forget that the guest is the central point in (almost) everything I do!

Lego waiter

Today I saw this on a photo in a shop. Unfortunately they are sold in a serie and the individual packages don't show which figure is in it, so I didn't buy it. But I will monitor ebay closely because  I really want him !!!

From the Lego site:(*)

“Good evening. May I recommend this fine green plastic bottle with a picture of grapes on it?”

The Waiter is the very model of balance, manners and poise. Perpetually patient and polite, he always knows exactly what drink to serve with each turkey leg, sausage link, or pizza pie his customers order…although it might be because he only has one bottle, and he serves it every time.

There’s just a single thing that rattles the calm of the cool and collected Waiter, and that’s unexpected noises. Something as simple as a hiccup across the room is enough to startle him, and a sneeze once almost made him drop his tray. You don’t even want to know what happens when somebody nearby burps!

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We serve breakfast, lunch and… hugs

Very nice and inspiring movie about Tim's place in Albuquerque



The CrazyWaiter serves… and pins

Click at the image to see my boards

Pinterest is a huge source of information and inspiration. So I joined also Pinterest (read: shared my 'private' boards with my alter-ego), so follow me! Click at the image to see my boards.

See my following list who I recommend to follow for other inspiring boards, and my likes for the pins I think interesting

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